Strategi dan Inovasi Pembelajaran IPA

Planning learning with the end in mind is a time-consuming task, but the results are definitely worth it.  As a teacher, you have a clear idea of what learners need to understand and be able to do, based on the standards and hopefully, how those ideas, concepts and skills apply to the real world so that students are motivated, engaged and an authentic performance assessment can be planned.

​​Quite possibly, an authentic task will require the use of technology – as these are real-world tools.  But it is not the focal point of the learning.

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Kuliah #1

Inovasi keberhasilan pembelajaran IPA meliputi ​dampak pembelajaran (hasil belajar) dan dampak iringan.

Kuliah #2

Media pembelajaran adalah sebuah alat yang berfungsi untuk menyampaikan pesan pembelajaran.

Kuliah #3

Social media is how we share information online. Sometimes we are the audience and sometimes we are the author. Often we are both.

Why educators should be interested in social media? What is student world like? Why is student world so different?

Kuliah #4

Kita hidup di era serba digital. Saat ini, setiap siswa dapat dipastikan memiliki smartphone

Mengapa tidak memaksimalkan fungsi smartphone ​tersebut untuk keperluan pembelajarannya?

Kuliah #5

There are 9 reasons why every teacher should have a website and 10 steps to design your teaching website from the bottom up!

Kuliah #6